Thursday, March 4, 2010

Halston to Relaunch Menswear

Images (via Style) from Marios Schwab's Fall 2010 Halston Collection.

Things have really shaken up at the house of Halston lately. First Marios Schwab was appointed creative director, then Sarah Jessica Parker was appointed as Creative Advisor for Halston's Heritage line. Now there are plans of relaunching the menswear line. The line will debut for Fall 2010, an exact date is not clear yet. Studio Mauro Ravizza Kreiger, an Italy-based design shop, will outsource the line. Prices for the line are set to be high, ranging from $2,000 for a suit and $400 for a shirt. But the plans don't stop there. The house is also planning on releasing a Heritage menswear line. For Heritage, suit prices would curb on $1,100. There is no information of where the lines will be sold at yet.

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