Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fall 2010 is now available on LuisaViaRoma. Ain't it a little early?

Sure most of the items are on pre-order until September 30th, but still isn't it early? I can't help but being reminded of that article in Vogue (the one with Karlie Kloss posing in a swimsuit during a snow blizzard in NYC), about how costumers are buying Fall pieces in Spring, and Spring pieces in Fall.

Are costumers ready to plan their Fall outfits in Spring? There are a million things that I want to buy from these untimely new-arrivals but do I really know what I want for Fall?

What about you? Are you ready to splurge on Givenchy and Dolce and Gabbana's fall collections while you are still lusting for the spring collections?

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